Today’s Reason To Drink

1069401_658985657463025_879034560_nWent to two new restaurants in the last two days, and both were terrific! First was a little Mexican spot near Churchill Downs called El Molcajete (2932 S. Fourth St.). They serve bottles of beer, and the special is the huge bottles — 40s? — of Mexican beer. It’s equivalent to a quart of beer, and the Tecate was mighty tasty. Our server even brought us extra limes to shove into the bottle! The $2 tacos of various meats were delicious as well — I got one chicken, one steak and one barbecue. The queso was also yummy and paired well with the warm salsa. Two thumbs up!


1461011_127960684041189_944934568_nLast night I ventured over to Wild Rita’s, which just opened in the old Mozz location on East Market. It was so delicious and reasonably priced that I’m gonna have to do a whole other post about it later today … and I promise to put up some photos. Just am running behind already at work. So stay tuned … and just know they have a daily happy hour from 4-7 p.m. featuring $2 tacos, $3 Mexican beers and $4 margaritas. Three thumbs up!


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