Today’s Reason To Drink

MInt_Julep glassI can’t wait to judge the Four Roses Mint Julep contest tonight at the Derby Festival’s Unveiled party at the Ice House. I love Mint Juleps, especially now, as winter loses its grip on Louisville and spring starts wafting in like the welcome scent of fresh-baked cookies. For me, it signals the beginning of Derbytime — Thunder, Chow Wagons, the Great Steamboat Race and many late-night parties.

I will give each Mint Julep my full attention tonight and judge unabashedly, with the fervor of an army of men armed with weapons. Yes, weapons.


2 thoughts on “Today’s Reason To Drink

  1. I have to say that after tasting all of the cocktails last night at this event, and not knowing any of the bartenders present that I was very disappointed with the results. It seemed honestly like this was a popularity contest amoungst the contestants. Next time you judge a competition why don’t you blind fold yourself and truthfully judge just on the cocktail.


  2. Usually these contests are blind – I was surprised this one wasn’t. But I can assure you the judging was done by the categories we were assigned – presentation, appearance, taste and aroma. I knew only one bartender, but did not let that sway my decision. His cocktail wasn’t one of my favorites, but his presentation was thorough. All the judges got together at the end and went over our final results. If we were judging on popularity, I believe other bartenders there were more popular than the winner. I just really thought his julep was the most interesting of the bunch, namely for the pepper-infused bitters.

    Which was your favorite, Karen?


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