Today’s Reason To Drink

One of our favs!

Bar Belle: Hittin’ up the high-spirited haunts of Highview

I’m just going to leave this here.

We unearthed some hidden gems in Highview, like the Hitching Post, but also had some not-so-fun decor, like the Confederate Flag inside Castaway Lounge.



3 thoughts on “Today’s Reason To Drink

  1. Spotlight? Really? An antique lantern-style hall light is a spotlight? That flag is a protest to the silliness of tearing down historical statues all over town. It doesn’t bother our many black, Hispanic, and other ethnic customers. A blond, white girl feels threatened? You have insulted my recently deceased partner who hung that up. I will not be sharing your review with his mother.


    1. If you want to protest the silliness, I’m not sure putting up a Confederate flag is the best way to do that. I was there with two friends, one white and one of Middle Eastern descent, and yes, we were all uneasy about what the message the flag was sending to newcomers to the bar. I wasn’t threatened by any means, and like I said, we had a great time and everyone we met was welcoming to us. But the message that flag sent us, as three gay women hanging out in a new place, was that we were probably not welcome there.


  2. Now you have me confused. What does a Confederate flag have to do with being gay? I’lll have to ask my gay daughter about that. She and her partner didn’t mention anything when they visited from Virginia. And we have LG and possibly BTQ customers. One guy is quite flamboyant.


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