Drinking bourbon before noon at Lux Row Distillers …

The Blood Oath is quite tasty.

Here’s the story I promised you about the brand new Lux Row Distillers in Bardstown. The distillery is slated to begin distilling by winter, and it’ll be open to the public hopefully before Derby.

I got a sneak peek of the construction site — and a few samples of the existing Luxco bourbon — Wednesday morning around 10 a.m. One might think it would be jarring to drink delicious bourbon so early, but it’s really not.

Read the story here.

Today’s Reason To Drink

I ordered the beer to make the photo look more authentic.

There’s a new pizza joint in town, and it goes by the name of Butchertown Pizza Hall. I took a quick trip there for lunch yesterday and loved what I saw and put in my mouth. The place is run by the guy who opened the now-closed Papalinos Pizza in the Highlands, so if you liked that type of New York-style pizza, you’ll like this.

Here’s more from my visit. The best part is, they have a full bar and pizza by the slice.

Pizza. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

A chat with Al Young on 50 years in the bourbon business

Al is the man! | Courtesy of Four Roses

Here’s that feature story I was working on all last week about Al Young, brand ambassador of Four Roses who has worked for half a century in the bourbon business. There was a lot to cover, but the main focus was on the new 2017 Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Small Batch Bourbon.

I’ve written it here already, because I was able to snag an early sample. It’s amazing and should be tried by everyone who loves whiskey. It’s sweet, beautiful, deep, warm but not hot and melts like butter.

I’m currently searching for a bottle to add to my bar, so if you happen to see some, please let me know ASAP. They’re hard to find.

But lucky for you, you’re reading this blog. And I’ve got the scoop on a pop-up tasting event for Al’s new bourbon. You can find out the details here, but a little birdie told me exactly where it’ll be held, because they aren’t releasing the details until Monday.

Figure out the riddle below. And I’ll see you Monday, June 19, at 5:30 p.m.

You’ll find us downtown near Third.
In a loft above a business known by a three-letter word.
It’s a place that mostly sells beer.

But Four Roses has always had a home here.

Al Young will be on hand to greet,
And with you he will share a treat.
You must act fast and don’t delay,
Or you’ll have to wait to try his bourbon another day.

Bar Belle from 6/13/17 Insider Louisville: Zima returns!

Liquid dream come true.

There was a part of me who never thought this day would come. That Zima would never be re-released into U.S. public consumption for all (who are 21 and over) to enjoy.

Well, it’s here. And I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I got the text from Big Bar owner Kevin this morning saying a shipment of Zima was on its way. I rushed over to watch them roll the case in, and on the way I grabbed a bag of Jolly Ranchers.

Here’s a Bar Belle column entailing just how exciting this is for me. And I’m here to report Big Bar was the first bar to receive Zima, with others following very soon. Like tomorrow, and definitely by the weekend.

Zima. It’s zomething zifferent.

A toast to Booker’s

Where’s Waldo?

Here’s that Booker’s story I mentioned last week. I had such an interesting time being a fly on the wall while Jim Beam master distiller Fred Noe met with members of the Blue Knights to talk about his father, Booker Noe.

Fred dedicated the latest batch of Booker’s to the Blue Knights, which is an organization of active and retired law enforcement officers who ride motorcycles.

All the guys were super appreciative and friendly, but I got some stares when I sampled Booker’s straight from the barrel and didn’t make a face as I sipped it down. They were either impressed or frightened — there’s a fine line between the two.

Read more about that day here.