Today’s Reason To Drink

Leaving on a midnight train to Georgia …

I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for a few days to prove if I’m not home on my birthday, then I won’t actually turn an extra year old. It’s like a tree falling in the forest or something.

See you next week … unless I figure out how to post here from my phone in Georgia.


Today’s Reason To Drink

Liquid brunch.

Well, I’m back from vacation and have only major degree sunburns to show for it. It was overcast several days, which made my small brain believe I didn’t need sunscreen. After 40 years trapped inside a body with fair skin, you’d think I’d know better.

But alas, I had lots of rum, laughs and bottomless mimosas.

Now, where were we on that diet?

Today’s Reason To Drink

Now that’s a well-topped colada!

I’m headed to the sandy beaches of Florida tomorrow morning at 4 a.m., so I probably won’t be posting here until I get back next week — unless I can figure out the app for this site. I plan on consuming mass amounts of rum — so much so that I’ll meet my quota for the year on that spirit.

I also plan on getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle of pool, beach and tiki bar — and hopefully my crash landing doesn’t hurt anyone or anything.

I plan on getting some sun, laughing with friends, sweating in the hot tub, taking in a brunch that lasts through midnight, eating TCBY, dancing like a fool, and making sure every frozen drink I consume has a well-poured topper.

I’m sure all three of you who read this site will survive while I’m gone … just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do — like drink a bottle of red wine after a gin & tonic. That lesson was a hard one to learn.

Today’s Reason To Drink

Any hope I had of taking a far-away vacation this year was slashed by my tax man, who said I owe money this year. It doesn’t make sense why I owe this year and have never owed in the past (except for when I do lots of freelance work — which I didn’t do this year), but there you have it.

So I guess Ireland and Italy will have to wait another year, as will Austin, Key West and New Orleans. I do have a weekend trip to Destin, Fla., booked, mostly because we drive down and do it on the cheap. And I’d love to do Nashville again — maybe for Pride? — and check out St. Louis, which I’ve never been to.

2017 will be the year of the road trip.

Today’s Reason To Drink


Beam me up, Scotty!

Looking out the window on this overcast day, my mind wandered back to a week ago, when I was in paradise at the Golden Nugget Casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Here’s a picture of the pool area, which had couches and chairs in the middle of the pool, along with a swim-up bar!

I spent most of my time at the blackjack table, mainly because I didn’t bring a swimsuit, but I did dip my feet into the pool while I sucked down a pina colada. There was also a lazy river next to the pool!

Damn. Take me back, please.

Today’s Reason To Drink

IMG_5845Sorry for the long delay … but I was in Key West doing as the roaming chickens down there do: eat, drink and be merry. And my friends got married as well! Here’s a view of one of the sunsets, and I like to think that’s a pirate ship coming to steal my booty.

I had more pina coladas than a person should in one life, and now I’m as bloated as a bull frog. Needless to say, detox and diet begin today.