Today’s Reason To Drink

Six in the pink …

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so get ready to see a thick coating of Pepto-Bismol pink sprayed everywhere. I actually like the color pink, and obviously I think breast cancer is a serious issue.

My mom has breast cancer, but at the moment it’s hanging out in her spine. We thought we got rid of it in the ’90s, but it turns out it was just in hiding, waiting for the right opportunity to reappear — like Lindsay Lohan.

After a hip replacement a few years back, the cancer found its opportunity and returned to battle with one tough broad. She’s winning.

It’s a good time to mention West Sixth Brewing out of Lexington is partnering with the Susan G. Komen Kentucky organization and will donate part of its proceeds from its Pay It Forward Cocoa Porter to breast cancer research — now through December. You’ll notice in stores that the familiar plastic purple tops will now be pink.

Fall is the perfect time for a thick, chocolaty porter — it’s really the only time of year I enjoy the beer style. And I’m kinda craving one now.


Yesterday’s Reason To Drink

Bangin’ bungs.

I realize I have forgotten to post lately. Just getting ready for vacation and trying to write as much copy as I can. Also, Friday I was on a field trip at Heaven Hill Distillery, where I got to bang a bung out.

I wasn’t good at it at first, but then I got the hang of it, and out it popped.


Today’s Reason To Drink

Oh god … she’s gonna talk about being single again …

I won’t bore you with stories about depressing online dating sites or the sad state of my dating life. Instead, I’m going to sprinkle some positive thoughts into the universe and describe my ideal person.

She should …

  • like dogs
  • appreciate bourbon
  • be on time
  • be patient
  • like to laugh
  • make me nervous
  • be independent
  • be kind to strangers, unless they’re trying to mug her
  • eat ice cream
  • like to travel
  • like to stay in
  • like to go out
  • put up with watching some football
  • respect herself
  • respect me
  • play well with others
  • be active
  • not force me to camp in a place where there could be bugs
  • like me

Today’s Reason To Drink


The final part of my Wide World of Whiskey series came out today, and I’m kinda both sad and happy all at once. And that’s without a Xanax.

I’m sad that it’s come to an end. I had fun talking, learning and sipping whiskeys from around the world. But I’m happy that I now know a lot more than when I started. And this thing can live on in cyberspace.

I could have written a book on the topic, and I kept all my notes in case I end up doing that at some point. But in order to write a book, I think I’d have to visit each country for myself. Don’t you think? Just need someone to foot that bill.

Wanted: Sugar Momma who likes to travel and doesn’t mind going on distillery tours. Must love bourbon.

Anyway, here’s a link the the entire series … in case you’re bored and “Jeopardy” is a rerun.

Wide World of Whiskey Part 1: Bourbon vs. Tennessee Whiskey

Wide World of Whiskey Part 2: Bourbon vs. Irish Whiskey

Wide World of Whiskey Part 3: Bourbon vs. Scotch Whisky

Wide World of Whiskey Part 4: Bourbon vs. Canadian Whisky

Today’s Reason To Drink

Cue Barry Manilow’s “Looks Like We Made It.”

While my name has been on many barroom bathroom walls, this time my face is on a wall — but at least it’s not in the loo. There I am, smack dab in the middle of The Back Door, looking over the fine patrons who often crowd my favorite space.

This is more prestigious than Mount Rushmore. Mom is going to be really proud of this one.

Now that I have my face on a bar wall, the key to the city and Sharon Stone’s autograph, my next challenge is to have a bourbon named after me: Bar Belle’s Nut-Finished Single Barrel Bourbon.